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Our simple, yet powerful, employee training platform is customized for the flooring industry.

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Our pre-loaded content modules make it easy. Training templates are pre-made, and with a few working sessions, we'll customize it to fit your business.

More engaged employees drive customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers make a better business.

What do you stand for?

Does your staff know how your business got here? More engaged employees drive customer satisfaction. Foster a team culture by training your team about founding principles, your vision and your why. Find cultural fits faster and stop costly employee turnover.

Who are you?

Does your team know how to sell to all of your unique audiences? For instance, a homeowner has different goals and pains associated with remodeling than a contractor. Teach your team to speak to each audience's unique problems with our Brand Content module, tailored to your business. Finally, have consistent communication about your business, no matter how many locations or people you have.

Stop costly turnover.

Floorish allows you to continuously train your employees as your business evolves, so your employees can grow. And, surveys show that when people grow in their jobs, they stay longer. Ongoing employee development lives here. You can train on anything - from how to use your software to details about the industry's new products to how to respond to an unhappy customer. Wake up to improved customer service, more employee engagement and better overall morale.

Boost your performance.

Do you want to create the revenue of a veteran salesperson in a new-hire's rookie season? How about bumping overall margin? Get new salespeople producing at a high level, faster than ever before. Plus, revitalize experienced salespeople by giving them tools to expand their approach and boost their morale.

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Industry-specific training content is added frequently and can easily be customized to your business.

Your employees can:

Consume Written and Video Content

Write Practice Emails

Record Practice Sales Videos

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